The Gulf Times carried this article recently about Google execs in India saying that “talented people were very hard to come by in India”. As any good contoversial article should, it got Dugg. In the article, Google Director Ram Shriram is quoted as saying,

I know first hand that we’ve had a bit more of a challenge trying to hire engineers for Google in Bangalore compared to other parts of the world.

And –

It’s been really hard to find middle management, for example. It’s great to find a good founding team, but then I can’t find middle management. I can’t find engineers.

These comments come just a few weeks after another Massive (with a capital M) American technology firm, IBM, announced that they were scaling up their India operations from 43,000 employees to 100,000 by 2010. In June of this year IBM had announced plans to invest $6 billion dollars in their Indian operations.

So how come IBM has no trouble finding employees but Google can’t find a single engineer ? Come on Google, there are huge hoards of talented programmers out there in every Indian city. You just need to look harder, thats all.