Sitting in my hostel room with Ye mera india from Pardes playing on youtube over internet through a broadband I read this. Nemesis. Is this for real or am I too young to understand this country? Farmers are being given 2 Rs cheques as drought relief. I have a few questions to ask, has freedom been awarded only to this dark skinned orientalists class of Indians who spend their life in air conditioned rooms answering stupid phone calls Forget about leaders, has the common man lost his empathy bone? Is this some sort of bizzare joke that we are trying to pass off on the most productive class of Indians? Would I (we) really care when Im done getting a degree and job in silicon valley? The answer to these questions I hope is NO, but it sure well doesnt seem like it.

A lot of people have accused me of being emotional, but hey at least Im not being apathetic towards the most hardwoking folks of this nation.

Mansharam, once the owner of 11 acres of land, can barely make ends meet today because his land turned barren years ago. He had to sell off his land, his cattle and give up on the electricity supply at his house.

The government’s cotton buying scheme did award him compensation but the amount was a paltry Rs 2.

A lot of good things are happening they say, economic growth of 8%, internet users growing @ 87%, one million cell phones being bought every month, so the more we are getting nearer, farther we are getting from our roots, so much so that one day that group of people will be completely isolated. For some time they will still keep feeding us, ignoring our ignorance but one day they will give up their ploughing tools and pick up AK-47s and then we will start calling them naxalites. Blood thirsty, selfish, violent terrorist elements spreading fear and hatred!