Well i donno whether i’m one, but for the better part of my life i’ve been a theist. Well at times i’m caught in between too. Why I am an Atheist (October 5, 1930), was one of the last essays of Bhagat Singh.

He projects himself as a complete atheist, with reasoning. He states that

“Religion is the outcome of human weakness or the limitation of human knowledge.”

Its a must read essay. It holds strong points questioning the religions and holds the differences in faith as root of evil.

… All these faiths differ on many fundamental questions, but each of them claims to be the only true religion. This is the root of the evil. Instead of developing the ideas and experiments of ancient thinkers, thus providing ourselves with the ideological weapon for the future struggle, – lethargic, idle, fanatical as we are – we cling to orthodox religion and in this way reduce human awakening to a stagnant pool…

He is righteously questioning the theists and asking them to give irrefutable reasoning to their beliefs. When i posted the same set of question to some one rooted deeply in faith and God, thus was the reply

…That article u sent is sentimental philosophy and tries to explore answers in the narrow realm accessible to our senses……There are difinitely answers to all the questions if you are interested to know. You need to have open mind to listen and understand and you will find answers. Go to a realised soul, read BhagavadGitha As It IS and you will have all the answers…

It was just the answer i had expected. I dont think a country having 4000 years of rich heritage, simply got built upon blind faith without evidence. But rather the truth got lost in translation.

He had some interesting views about Gandhi too, i must say.Here is what Gandhi wrote about Bhagat Singh’s Martyrdom in Young India

Every time I think, I get into a realm of conflicting ideas. In due course I have come to belive and realize that the truth that I’m facing is the God that I belive in.