India and Pakistan had their latest round of embracement talks in Havana, but it seems that our neighbour never falls short from back stabbing us. Some high funda ‘Joint Terror Mechanism’ was set in place, only to be followed by revelations from Mumbai Police saying that the entire operation was backed by Pakistan’s ISI and carried out by Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed with SIMI’s help.  

This came as no surprise to general public as we are aware of the fact that all these blast and Terror activities are fully funded by Pakistan. The terrorist are trained and motivated by Pakistan to carry out attacks, but still our National Government is too soft to tackle this terror and some state government –  ‘Mulayam Singh and party’ gives clean chit to SIMI even before the Investigation has started. It shows the extent of minority appeasement policies followed by UPA, SP… etc all for the sake of vote bank.

What we are actually doing seems to be lame enough not to give a clear and befitting reply , there are no demonstrations on protest being held against Pakistan for the loss of life in recent terrorist activities, but it’s sad an ironical that there are protests held against death penalty issued for ‘Afzal’ and even J&K Chief Minister is hell bent on saving a terrorist who was involved in Parliament Attack.  ‘Arundhati Roy’ joins the protest as she thinks like ‘Aamir Khan’ that joining any protest will bring fame to her.

Nobody seems to care about the Policemen and Army personnel who lost their life saving the parliament and MP’s from the attack, they don’t seem to give a dam about the grievances of their families who lost their close ones and they seem to be shattered by this recent protest and statement demanding clemency for ‘Afzal’ Do the politicians and specially UPA government care about India as a nation and its people? or they only care about gathering and building their vote bank. Do they think about how many security personnel are being lost each day fighting Pakistan supported Terrorist organization. Are they not Indian? Or we have started believing that Army personnel are meant to die and we don’t value their life now. 

Captain Vishal Bhandhral is the recent casualty of this proxy war with Pakistan.  

Young, enterprising army officer had his life cruelly cut short after an encounter with militants in Baramullah. Captain Vishal Bhandhral, who had finished his tenure with an RR unit in Baramullah, was waiting with his bags packed to return home. He did, but in a coffin draped in the tricolour.  On his last day on duty, Capt Bhandhral was killed in an encounter with Pakistan trained militants ‘’  

Vishal is not alone. Each year scores of young jawans and officers fall in battle. In the past three months alone, at least 35 army men have died in Kashmir. In the same period 350 militants, most of them Pakistanis have been killed. And last year, 170 soldiers died in operations against militants in J&K.

Every year hundreds of soldiers fall in encounters with Pakistani militants from across the border, and every month many families across the country get that dreaded phone call telling them their loved ones wont return home’’.

Read in detail on NDTV.

Time to think and think hard in dealing and trusting Pakistan.