Whats your problem fellas?

If a man responsible for attacking our Parliament, virtually attacking the house where the laws governing this country are formulated,  and killing 10 constables does not deserve a death sentence then who the heck does? Ive been reading about people requesting his pardon and the uproar his death sentence due 20th of this month has caused in the valley, forgive my language, but this is way too fu***d up. I mean do you people,  even care about those people who died that day? Is this Afzal asshole, who masterminded the attack, any more human than those people who died trying to uphold the integrity of the parliament  house of this country?

Ive been trying to ignore these demonstrations and  processions but now they are being backed up by political parties who want to make the most of this opportunity to embarace the government. Remember one thing you morons, if these fools who are now backing you up, do not respect the apex authority of law and order of this country, the damn theyll care about you guys once youve voted for them. Even CM saab is supporting the holy cause in the name of religion! what people!. Even if those people do not feel that this country has done enough for them, this Afzal is responsible for killing people, on what grounds are they demanding his pardon?

I have no frickin idea what these people want, his family has even arrived in Delhi to meet the President to persuade him for a pardon. Please soemone tell me Im not understanding correctly whats happeing in my land, cause if I am, then God help us!