When I had mentioned in my earlier post (In the line of BULLSHIT!) that I will never vote for any political party in India that strikes a deal with Musharraf, Apollo left a comment, “Who is there to vote for then?”

Apollo, I’m not going to look around for one. If a politician comes to me and says, “Jacob, vote for us, we will never talk to that terrorist Musharraf!” I might vote for him.

For me Musharraf is Osama in a suit. He knows that as long as Osama is alive and there is terrorism, he can use people like Bush and Blair to give him attention and money. Last week he claimed on US television that he would mine the border with Afganistan if the US gives him money. Can you imagine any head of state talk like that? He is like a ‘war on terror’ coolie!

If relations between Pakistan and India have to develop, we need to see a democratically elected government in Pakistan. Musharraf is just a phase, like Ayub Khan and Zia.

Now that the Mumbai Police has closed the case on the Bombay blasts, isn’t it time our government realises that enough is enough? Do we really need to engage this coolie? His intelligence agency just blew up 200 of our innocent citizens and we are going to ‘discuss’ and ‘share’ intelligence with him to make us safer?

Where is Osama, Musharraf? Is he paying you more than the Americans?