In the line of fireI have been away for a few days due to a few personal and professional reasons. I was intending to take a few more weeks but the stench of bullshit from Mush’s ‘In the line of fire’ was driving me nuts.

It didn’t come as a surprise that he claims that his Kargil misadventure helped Indo-Pak peace talks. I took part in the Kargil conflict, so did a few of my friends who returned from there in coffins. 99 per cent of the anger I have towards the state of Pakistan is due to what this self centred idiot tried to do during the summer of 1999 in Kargil.

He also goes on to claim that the Indian atomic program is actually Pakistiani! It was stolen by Indians in Dubai who worked for AQ Khan’s SMB computers in Dubai. Can we really take this man seriously? Do we need to talk to this moron? Does he represent the Pakistani people?

As a voting Indian, I will never vote for any party that will srike a deal with him. We will be back to square ZERO once his nine lives are exhuasted.

I didn’t read the entire book, I coudn’t stand the BULLSHIT.