Here is Prabhudev Konana in The Hindu on reservations. The essay makes some interesting points. The first is that there is a lack of information, and that

every government-funded educational institution should consider declaring the aggregate profiles of its entering and graduating students (like caste, religion, region, and social and economic background)

I believe such information, when available, would make our discussions on the reservation issue more informed.

The second suggestion is (a) mandatory admission to state supported universities of students who graduate in the top n% of their high school class, and (b) ear-marking funds for the first generation college students.

Finally, the suggestion that private sector can benefit from affirmative action, and can use it to strengthen themselves is the sanest advice I have heard in quite some time. But, of course, as the article points out,

In India, the sheer magnitude of the problem to reach out to the masses is daunting. But that does not preclude reaching out to any.

In my opinion, more daunting the task, more should be our commitment. A not-to-be-missed piece.