I always loved my travels through Kerala.I especially remember one trip to Kaladi; it was so wonderful and rejuvenatingly peaceful. As this article in the recent Frontline puts it,

Many of Kerala’s magnificent temples are hidden in the countryside, along its rivers or high up in the hills. In every instance, the location is chosen carefully and the setting is invariably beautiful.

Take a look at the article and the wonderful pictures that accompany it. The article ends on this meditative note:


Sri Aurobindo observes that Indian architecture is built in relation to its surroundings and the sky.

He also says that “the buildings should be seen in loneliness, in the solitude of one’s self, in moments when one is capable of long and deep meditation and as little weighted as possible with the conventions of material life”. Kerala temples, as the images illustrate, are reflections of this kind of architecture and bring balance back to one’s life.

I am pretty certain that the images (especially the bird’e eye view) will induce deeper meditations!