I happen to see Anand Patwardhans Father son and the holy war (our earlier story on Anand Patwardhan). Its one of those works that hit you like a tow truck, this in spite of having seen his In the name of God before, so I knew what was coming. People who havent seen too many documentaries will probably find this too unbelievable. The film in its two parts talks about how womanhood has been so thoughtfully given the second status in the history of man. Mankind began by worshipping Godesses as they had the power of creation until the mans role in it was discovered and thus began the gradual degradation of the status of women. Manhood began to be synonymous with physical strength, cruelty and the ability to shed blood.

V arious issues regarding religious violence have been touched and explained in the light of seldom thought about entity of machismo. Bal Thakreys blood boiling speeches, Ahmedabads most respected Guru talking about his strength in politics, an Indian MBA from london school of economics talking about a yagna that will help him get a son, a muslim scholar talking about the defined second status of women in Islam are some of the instances that expose the various facets of being a man in Indian state. The film does not talk about religious politics but explains how the attachement to violence has been a result of mutated definition of the man. Its a must watch for every Indian. Several parts are not suitable for young children. A review of the film can be read here as well.