Police in J&K seized newspapers carrying Pope Benedict XVI’s strong criticisms of jihad, fearing a Muslim backlash in the flash-point area.

“We’ve seized copies of newspapers carrying the pope’s remarks. It has been done to prevent any tension here
,” a police officer said.Copies of the Indian dailies were impounded at Srinagar’s high-security airport when they arrived from New Delhi.
I’m not going to quote what the Pope said. Because it wasn’t his quote. The Pope hit out at concept of holy war or jihad in a speech in Germany on Tuesday, citing a 14th-century Christian emperor. What he said wasn’t against Islam or the Holy Prophet. He was talking against violence and how it gives a bad name to religion.

It’s sad that many people over reacted even before the Vatican had an opportunity to clarify.

The photograph above is of Muslim students burning an effigy of Pope Benedict XVI at a protest rally in Allahabad. Isn’t this over reacting? As an Indian Catholic, I can assure my brothers in Islam, that our Chruch or Pope will never do anything that would spread hatred or violence. Please don’t let this be used to create violence.