Statuary Warning and Confession: what follows is written in absolute euphoria (a result of watching extreme form of human endurance), its not rational, its not controlled and the words have generally rolled out themselves without any effort. The control of language is probably the work of the edit team that we have put in place from this day onwards.

A couple of weeks back it was Andre Agassis departure from the game he became a cult figure of, and today it was the return of the Master himself. I believe in rebirth.

He went out to the field with approx 10 million skeptics who said his days are over (but wished the absolute inverse) (including some 200 odd students in an engineering school who incidentally had their exams). He faced his 1st ball and he faced his 148th and in the middle made a statement..”I was born to play this game and its the reason Im me”. Actually a lot of things happened in the middle, he hit sixes, he hit boundries, the bowlers cried, “is it sweet Jesus himself”, his collegues partied (together with the 200 odd students of that engineering school who seemed over eager to complete their 2hr exam, none of the students stayed for more than 20 min in the exam room, as Ive heard, ofcourse I was sick!), and then people started blogging about him, photographers had had their man of the moment, newsrooms that hate him when hes not so Godly fantabulized his comeback.

We are emotional about our cricket team, so lets be not so tacit about it. We love this man when hes himself, we hate anyone who does not live upto our expectations. Thats us, thats an Indian. But hes a man too, a man who though blessed with a lot of talent, is still a man with a family and own life. Ofcourse hes paid for it but so are you and I for doing our job and like ours and yours, his job sucks too, big time may be, so sont make it more difficult for him. Hes got a lot more up his sleeve dont make him another Saurav Ganguly, dont burn him out before hes burnt out himself.The match is still on, but whocares, may be he does, I dont. A lot of people dont, trust me the NEWS channels dont, they know we dont. Im getting jobbed next year, so Itll take me some time to get a TV but all those who have one, we might just see something historic in the coming world cup, too early to say though, may be hell create a history before we even get there.

BTW his data sheet read:

141 rs (n o) 148 bs 13-4s 5-6s 95.27% SR

….what it didnt read was

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