Harish  Khare raises some pertinent questions, and indicates some shortcomings of the present Indian internal security doctrine, or, rather the lack of it: here are some excerpts:

If anything, we have been all too prone to point fingers at the “foreign hand,” thereby absolving ourselves of any responsibility, administrative or political.

We continue to subscribe to a bogus notion that we have the entire wherewithal to defeat the increasingly lethal non-state actors, and all that it requires is sturdy political will (which has eluded various political leaders when in government).

It has been the unfortunate history of this country that outsiders have meddled in our internal affairs. Today as a democracy we have the advantage of garnering our collective energies and emotions in such a manner as to understand and defeat the outsider’s mischief. We cannot conduct our internal political disputes and controversies so as to allow the outsider to take advantage of our fault lines.

An article worth taking a look at, and pondering over!