With cases of Dengue Fever on a steady rise in Delhi and its surrounding areas, civic authorities in the nation’s capital are planning to take a tough new stance on anyone contributing to the growth the of the mosquito population.

Last week, 66 dengue cases were reported of which six proved to be fatal. We have received strict instructions from the health ministry and surveillance work has been heightened. But if the condition becomes critical, we will invoke section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (disobedience to orders promulgated by public servants) and people will be prosecuted for creating conditions favourable for mosquito breeding.In emergency situations, the provision can put residents behind bars for months.
– N.K. Yadav, deputy municipal health officer of Delhi

Some 1000 health workers have been dispatched to inspect residences and advise people not to allow water to stagnate. So far, legal notices have been sent to over 29,000 households and nearly 13,000 have been fined.

Delhi-ites better watch were they throw their trash or they might end up serving a prison sentence for “collaborating with the criminal”.