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Venue: Tidel park Chennai
Date: Sep 9 and 10 2006
Attendees: 300-350
Topics: Check here
Entry Fees: Free
Media: CNN IBN, NDTV, Headlines Today, BBC, Business Today, Business India, The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Indian Express, Rajasthan Patrika, Cyber Media and GigaOm.
Highlights: Interaction, Networking, Free Food, Freebies/Goodies, Wi-Fi, Blogcamp Party, Sunil Gavaskar, Robert scoble, Virtual Participation,

Blogcamp was a huge success. Just do a technorati search or search flickr or search Enewss with the tag blogcamp, there is so much info out there on blogcamp and the various experiences of different people from different backgrounds. This is the third time I have sat down to write about blogcamp. There is so much to write that I don’t know where to start. Apart from attending the blogcamp unconference I was also part of the organizing committee, I was mainly in charge of designing and printing all the backdrop, banners. How I joined blogcamp itself is a long story. If you have a blog it’s a very small world. I was picked up by kiruba (The guy who initiated the whole thing) after I designed a few badges for blogcamp.

What is an Unconference

An unconference is a conference where the content of the sessions is driven and created by the participants, generally day-by-day during the course of the event, rather than by a single organizer, or small group of organizers, in advance. To date, the term is primarily in use in the geek community. Courtesy the wikipedia.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words so here a picture of the Schedule/Sessions.

So how is the Schedule/Sessions worked out simple if you want to talk just write your topics in the slots that are available or if the slots are all full put up a sticky note so that in case the speaker doesn’t turn up or finishes early you get to speak. Also don’t expect the session to be one-to-many, its many-to-many anyone can interrupt and start discussing.
Sessions run in parallel. I.e. we had two auditoriums one of which was the main venue and the other was a smaller one on the first floor. Sessions running in the secondary auditorium were mainly geeky ones and most the geeks headed off straight to this place.

There is just too much to write about all that happened in blogcamp if you are really interested in reading what happened in detail you can read the blogs that had been live blogging as the events were going on. I personally recommend the following blogs katchucrap, xplore , bothack and maxiblog. I will describe the highlights of the blogcamp events.


The First day began with participants arriving at blogcamp at around 8-10 AM. each of them registered and were given a bag of goodies/freebies, Laptop bags (yahoo India), Mugs (fuente systems), T-shirts(Blogcamp) , Letter pad and Pens (zoho), India Smiles Books (Sulekha). So even before you entered blogcamp Unconference you had this huge package of freebies that you had to lug around.

The whole place had been wi-fied by sify about 80% of all the attendees had their own laptops. For people like me who didn’t bring their laptops we could use the sify booths provided. I had to put

The Blogcamp Beachhouse Party
The venue for the Blogcamp party was at a beach house on the ECR road. They food was great though people were more busy downing down tons of vodka and Bacardi. And did I tell you that entry was free. Most of the people spend their time on the beach, there was a full moon and not a cloud in sight the view was awesome. (I put up some older photos we took of the beachhouse couldn’t find the latest on on flickr)

Sunil Gavaskar
It was great to have him there, Sunil was flow in by yahoo and it was amazing to interact with him. He is a very down to earth. Sunil podcasts for yahoo on cricket. Though he talked very less about podcasting and more about how fast technology had changed and how technology could help to improve Cricket. He enjoyed podcasting more than doing T.V shows since it gave him more control over his content. You can read the whole transcript over at Microsoft blogger Sriram Krishnan. Watch a small video interview with sunil thanks to katchucrap

Robert scoble
Microsoft’s Ex-blogger and one of the most popular blogger in the blogsphere. Initially we had some problems getting him on the Skypecast video. There was nothing new that Scoble had to talk about it was mostly a rerun of the same stuff social bookmarking, pageranks, blogging platforms etc. A lot of questions came from the IRC channel, which really surprised me since there were a lot of virtual participants.

You can listen to the podcast here and here thanks to xplore though I confess the audio quality is really bad.

A brief History of Blogcamp

Blogcamp was initiated by a few people who had attended Barcamp as attendees a few months. Though the number of people who volunteered and helped out were numerous. I would like to point out a few people who really put there heart and soul into organizing it. Kiruba, the man who initiated it all, Syed thanks to him we had a wonderful office to get together for every meeting. other include Ganesh , Ganesh (Rupya), Kaushik (venue arrangments), aswin (Responsible for maintaining and setting up the website) , baggy, Shyam, vicky, varun, Ramanujam, Mahendran (Made all the arrangments for the party), sunil etc.

The best sign of success for the event was when the Yahoo! Team came up to us at the end of the event and said they would like to sign up for the platinum sponsorship for BlogCamp 2007 right away. Given half a chance, they probably would have signed the cheque right away. You can’t beat that feeling of pride when the top sponsor falls completely in love with the event’s organizing. kiruba

Some Other Photos from Blogcamp.

Young or old if you own a blog your welcome at Blogcamp . This kid here stole the show.

Never Ever snooze off at a bloggers Event I have seen these pictures on a number of other blogs.

Amit Agarwal
One of India’s Top Blogger on professional Blogging and how to earn with your blog.

Blog camp In the Media/News.

Cnn-Ibn Video Bloggers of the world, unite!

Chennai Edition of The Hindu featured an article on blogcamp here it is. In fact the Hindu has recently launced a epaper which is a digital version of the newspaper freely available at its website.