RAFCheap line, I know, thank you.

A very close American friend of mine in Dubai once told me over beer, ‘You know Indian girls here are really hot but you know they are a bit bossy, you go out with them once and then they take you on as a ‘project’ that needs to be ‘improved”. Didn’t quite understand what he meant by that? You might want to catch a plane to Liberia, guys there are going to find out very soon.

The BBC reports that India is sending an all woman Rapid Action Force (RAF) to Liberia.

The Indian unit is made up women drawn from across the country and experienced in battling insurgencies in Kashmir and the north-east.

All of them have volunteered for the job at hand.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for us,”
says Poonam Gupta, who has been with India’s elite Rapid Action Force since 1997.

“It is a chance to extend my experiences to other parts of the world and also an opportunity for India to participate in international operations.”

Commandant Seema Dhundiya is the leader of the unit.

A veteran of anti-insurgency operations, this 39-year-old mother of two is quietly confident of handling any situation they are confronted with.

“We know that the situation in Liberia is volatile and that it is in a post-conflict situation.

“But we all fully trained and equipped to deal with it.”

The extensive drills include training in the use of firearms, including light-machine guns and assault rifles, as well as unarmed combat.

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