Barely two months after seven blasts rocked Mumbai,terror has struck again.The target this time is Malegaon,a Muslim dominated town in Maharashtra with a history of communal violence.
Reuters reports that four blasts occurred around 1:50 pm within minutes of each other,after the Friday namaz, killing more than 38 and injuring more than 200 people. Many of the dead and injured included beggars from all over India who were waiting outside the mosque in anticipation of alms.
The resemblance to the July 11 Mumbai blasts is uncanny.Both the Mumbai and Malegaon blasts targeted innocent civilians. While the Mumbai blasts occurred in quick succession at the peak hour in overcrowded local trains, the Malegaon blasts occured when the worshippers emerged from the Masjid after offering their namaz. Also the forensic reports have concluded that the explosives were similar to those used in the 7/11 blasts – RDX mixed with ammonium nitrate and fuel oil.
From Mumbai to Malegaon,the agents of terror have struck time and again with cold blooded precision. That we have only an inept government and an inadequate police force to counteract these forces is not helping either. As the US is just a day away from celebrating the fifth anniversary of the twin tower attacks,the question on everybody’s minds is ‘WHEN WILL THIS STOP?’
Photo courtesy : The Hindu