At this very second some really smart person at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Dubai Campus, might be kicking himself for doing something very un-Indian.

Banning students from having blogs.

I’m not even going to get into how this person intends to make sure that the students don’t have blogs but right now the very blogs he intended to block are being seen by more people than if he/she had just ignored them.

According to this article in 7Days, students at Birla Institute of Technology and Science have been suspended for blogging:

“A second year Chemical Engineering student has been suspended for posting the blog, while two others are being punished for posting responses, other students said. Several of them, who did not want to reveal their names for fear of being reprimanded, said the student community considered the punishment too harsh and undeserving. The blog in question describes a student’s frustration at campus life.”

The Mutiny does not support/oppose anything the students might have written on the blog. BUT the decision of the college to suspend them and ban any student from having a blog is an ‘un-Indian’ thing to do.

The college has issued a notice put out to all students asking them to keep away from blogging, especially when it concerns any of their family members, institution, this country and faculty.”

Here are the contact details for BITS.