Twenty two year old American Mariyah Moten is being billed as “Pakistan’s first Miss Bikini” after she topped the ‘Best in Media’ category at the Miss Bikini Universe pageant in China last week.

Having won the title at Beihai resort in southern China, wowing crowds there and alarming conservatives in Pakistan, Moten is currently in Mumbai for a “special interview” assignment with the Times of India.


American citizen, Pakistani contestant on sponsorship of an Indian media company. Wow! I think she is the finest example of the American term Macaca. Why didn’t she enter the contest as an American? No idea. Why did she not get sponsored by any Pakistani company? We might never know…

But here is something the Pakistani government is planning to do,

“She is an American passport holder. She is an American national of Pakistani origin, so how did she get entry as a Pakistani?” senior Culture Ministry official Abdul Hafeez Chaudhry told Reuters on Thursday, referring to Moten’s participation.

He also said the government might withdraw from Moten special privileges offered to people of Pakistani descent such as visa-free travel to Pakistan.

If you have read my earlier post Indian, Pakistanis and Macacas, you would have already got where I’m going with this. Our nationality is not something that can be taken for granted. The passport you carry matters.

This episode is a fine example of the bastardisation of our national identites.