I read about this incident yesterday nite and just can’t seem to get it out of my head.

According to this article, a father starved his five-year-old son to death for being “mischievous”.

Dhurau Ram Majhi, 34, a resident of a village in Raigarh district, locked up his son, Suraj, in a small stuffy room and made him go without food and water for four days.

This is sooo heart-breaking.

Preschoolers can be demanding, whiny and mischievous and I know I get mad at my kids often but this kid definitely didn’t deserve this punishment.

How can the father even think of doing this for so long? Even if he was angry with his kid, I’m sure he couldn’t stay angry for four days?

Where was the mother? I know that in rural India, wives generally don’t have much of a say but for a boy to be locked up for four days is a long long time.

I’m hoping this incident gets publicized enough and generates enough furore that the father will be punished immediately.

I am not a strong proponent of the death penalty but I want the father to be punished in the same manner he punished his son