Dr SanthaMy earlier post about PJ Joseph has generated a lot of discussion and it’s still continuing. I have to admit (as my mutiny profile states, I’m a Kerala Congress sympathiser). I didn’t read their manifesto and decide to support them, I was born into a family closely associated with the party. To an extent why I believe PJ Joseph is innocent of any wrong doing is the fact that I know him and his family personally. And this is hard to explain to many of you.

To give you some idea of his family’s and his personality I want to point you toward two articles. The first one is an interview Dr Santha Joseph, PJ Joseph’s wife gave to the New Indian Express on the day he resigned. It’s free but subscription is required, to those who too busy to do that, here are some highlights:

The doctor was unfazed and absolutely believed in her husband’s innocence when this website’s newspaper talked to her the other day. This is what she had to say about the inquiry by IG B Sandhya.

“If there is something called truth and justice, my husband will be vindicated.” But what if Joseph has to resign, we asked: “Well, then I will be the happiest to have him back at home,” said his better half with a smile.

Even before she could recover from the death of her mother on September 3, Dr Santha had rushed to the capital from her ancestral home in Angamaly to be with her husband who was made to step down.

“I am old enough to view all this as a political game. But I am worried about our children. For them, their father is an ideal man. Such an allegation has upset them,” she told this website’s newspaper.

The second story in the New Indian Express is my personal favourite. It traces his immediate actions after he stepped down. He left his official car at the CM’s residence and drove back in his personal car.

Barely 30 minutes after submitting his resignation, P J Joseph was at his favourite vegetarian hangout in the city, Ariya Nivaas, Thampannur.

As the AC restaurant where he usually comes to take a break was closed, the hotel management arranged a room for him. He relaxed over a cup of coffee along with wife Dr Santha and son-in-law Dr Joe.

Away from the day’s stress, Joseph appeared joyful. It seemed he was trying to avoid the embarrassment of a resignation.

He ordered idli, his wife’s favourite dish, setting aside his favourite masala dosa. The waiting time for the dish to arrive was devoted to viewing news channels which were flooded with flashes regarding Joseph’s resignation.

“M T Vasudevan Nair once said that journalists were like hunters. They not only need preys but also want to celebrate,” said Joseph listening to a channel journalist’s analysis on the options before Joseph.

When the smart journalist said that Joseph might not appoint another MLA so as to keep power with him, Santha raised her thumb and cheered as if to pooh-pooh the “instant wisdom” of the new-age political analysts. Joseph underlined her sentiments with a broad smile.

The flash on a channel about the complainant’s response brought Joseph’s attention back to the channel. He repeated the message, “It says the complainant is satisfied.” Santha reserved her comment.

A commercial break on the channel reminded Joseph about the musical evening on Wednesday as part of the Onam week celebration.

“I have promised to sing there,” he said and asked Kerala Congress secretary George Sebastian to ring up Ramesh Narayanan and finalise the musical programme.

When the break was over, the channel switched over to sports news. Agassi’s retirement was the lead news. “Did Agassi fail?,” he asked. When somebody answered in the affirmative, he said it was sad. According to Joseph, Agassi was one of the best players in the game.

By that time, the hideout of the hero of the day became public. Leaders and media men began to throng the hotel room.

When this website’s newspaper team took leave, Joseph said, “Life is like a football match. Win, loss, foul, all are there. We have to be in the field till the end of the game.”

I think this whole issue will work in his favour once the final enquiry is out. I guess you have to experience tough situtaions like this to be able to celebrate happy ones. Happy Onam and my condolences to Dr Santha Joseph and her family.