“Being Indian” is not a commentary on what it takes to be a Indian in foreign land, or how difficult/easy/normal it is to be an Indian in India. It is in author, Pavan K Varma’s opinion

The truth about why the 21st century will be India’sb1.jpg

If you’r thinking its one of those highly inspiring works of semi fiction speaking about the booming software economy, your missing the aim by a mile. The book has six short chapters in which the author exposes us to the real Indian. He has picked subtle aspects like the interpretation of power in an Indian mind, the extreme attachment of an Indian to material wealth, the absolute hatred towards anything but self improvement, complete lack of fundamentalism and eventually the birth of Pan-Indianness.

Some of the instances in the book from the not so long back history of Indian politics are a brilliant example of his points. He talks about the case of leading politician Sukh Ram who was the Minister for Telecommunications in the Central Governmentn the 90s. In the mid 1990s he was accused of some equipment purchase scam. The CBI raided his house and found wads of currency under his bed and suitcases. Congress, a aprty to which he belonged expelled him as BJP created a furore. He quickly floated a regional party and bagged 66 % votes in the next assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh. Since the two main parties could not secure a majority , guess what, Sukh Ram became the king maker! BJP government was formed and Sukh Ram became the de-facto deputy chief minsiter of HP. So much for democracy!
He also provides an absoute unheard of view of Indians. He says

..there is no idealogical reason, no unalterable philosophical premise, which would make Hindus reject the real world for the spiritual.

He goes on ane explain the inherent talent of Indians for commerce. Godess Lakhsmi and God Ganesha are the favorite Gods in India and theres enough reasons to believe it. The absolute commensurate concentration with which Indians delve into economic activities is unique. The congenital nac for mathematics makes us more tech-friendly. For people skeptic about Indias contribuition to the IT industry, theres plenty of stuff in this proving you wrong. Like

..about 40% of startups in silicon valley are by Indians..

Eventually he talks about the culmination of various religions into one. Though the reasons for this oneness are not awareness or literacy but the extreme economic dependency on each other. The book has a lot of stuff that makes one wana hate our owen selves like the acceptance of the give and take bribes as an economic activity and our blatant lack of concern for anybody else other than ourselves, but logically these are the very things working out for us. Recommended for all Indians.