The Financial Express website features an article where the Kerala State is thinking of moving to support open source completely. Unlike the ban on colas (The debate is still going on whether this is a good thing or bad thing) this could actually be good news apart from promoting the use of open source software
it could help in making the public in general aware about the availability of non-proprietary software which is freely available.

Piracy is a big issue in India plus there is a lack of proper information available on the use of proprietary software. The biggest plus point is that it will be promoted in schools. It is easier to teach children to use computers even if it is a bit complicated, since they are able to grasp and learn thing faster. Plus it could have a cascading effect on the public in general. Below are some of the comments by certain DIGG users.


I’m glad to see advancement of such open source technology. The internet is a good community, and introducing more people into only further advances the community. Unfortunately with windows, there really isn’t much a community because it is closed source.


Why should the government pay some set amount for every single computer simply to have an operating system, when an OS (and almost all necessary software) can be had for free. Most people are simply learning to use the word processor, cruising the Internet for information. For programming, Linux has almost too many options for learning languages, old and new. If you want to learn MS Windows later, then buy a copy. It’s hardly difficult to learn. I highly doubt any school is teaching very much about Windows system management (to the general student pop), as any system administrator worth his salt wouldn’t allow them to be used with the admin accounts.


One of the main hindrances for Linux has been the immense popularity of windows which is used by around 90 % of the people worldwide. Linux brings with a stereotype or phobia that it is meant only for geeks. The UbuntuLinux is a good example of user friendliness in Linux. Apart from being freely available for downloading you can even ask them freely post it by Snail mail from to your house with Zero Rupees being spent. All you have to is register and put your Postal Address. The Cds usually take about a month or so to arrive. I myself have used this service to get the Ubuntu Cds. You can order multiple copies so that you can share it with other people.

Slashdot has more too.