The astronomical world had a highly contentious week with lots of debate and have finally decided that Pluto is no longer fit to be a planet – it has been officially downgraded to a dwarf planet today

So everyone’s perception of space has changed and science teachers are scrambling to get ready to teach kids the latest in space. 

You would think this would radically change Vedic astrology – instead of ‘navagraha” (nine planets) we now have “asthagraha” (eight planets).

But for believers in Vedic astrology, there’s no cause for concern. Not even if the resolution proposed at the International Astronomical Union is passed and three new planets — 2003 UB313 (Xena), Charon, Ceres —are ‘born’. The addition of three new celestial bodies won’t make our ruling planets go haywire.

Explains astrologer Sunita Chhabra,

“Vedic astrology has never considered planets beyond Saturn. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto aren’t counted in the vedic astrology.” Though one of the new ‘planets’, Ceres, lies between Mars and Jupiter, it’s unlikely to be counted for predictions.