Some one has to put some sense into people writing in public places like Orkut. Ok you may write anything in your profile and to your friends, but show up a little courtesy for other people too.

It started when Avinish, “scrapped” Ranjana. For no apparent reason she dismisses his “invitation” to be friends and humiliates him. This ignites a chain reaction which has every guy in Orkut behaving no less than male chauvinists towards her. There are a huge number of mails getting forwarded regarding this issue.

The girl has been, humiliated thoroughly, with senseless scraps filling her pages every minute. She has deleted her profile form Orkut!!! I guess that will make them happy. The guys have proved them selves as total male chauvinists. Apparently not even a single person has asked the reason for her behavior. They got their chance and tore her apart. After the incident every guy is asking Avinish to fight back(if that’s what they call it), but he has kept his silence, out of fear or what I don’t know.

The profile and the testimonials points that they both are well respected in their friend’s circle. May be this is something that they have to figure out rather than the world to solve. Stop sending sneer remarks to her.

It’s high time that, everyone realize that some, basic decency is always expected in public places on the net. You won’t shout scornful remarks at a person in public because there you can’t hide. But on the net your identity is hidden, so that doesn’t give you the right to act irrational.

Background Info:

Avinish is just another engineer out of college on job hunt [Profile in Orkut]

Ranjana, form her profile I guess she is working in some company in Mumbai. Aparently she has deleted her profile. Some one has created a bogus profile of her[Bogus Profile]

This is the Community that has come up in Orkut – Avinish vs Ranjana- D Orkut War

A snap shot of what Ranjana wrote to Avinish.

Avinish's Scraps