Hindumommy’s post yesterday made me think on how many times less than Tendulkar a hockey player earns. We all have a special place in our hearts for cricket. But not giving the others their due and news such as these disturb me. I just noticed, even at Mutiny, we had a separate tag for cricket and only one to cover all the other sports. National Game, anyone?

Sandeep Singh, member of the Indian Hockey team for the World Cup next month, was shot accidentally by a Railway Protection Force jawan while traveling on Delhi-Kalka Shatabdi.

Now, how many cricketers can you list down who travel by train, who have met with an accident of any kind. It’s news today. Everyone will forget about it by tomorrow. Unlike a particularly famous elbow which hogged headlines for months at end.

On second thoughts, things are improving. About ten years back, my cousin traveling in an unreserved compartment from Delhi-Ambala managed to get me autographs of Pargat Singh and Mukesh Kumar, who were his co-passengers on the opposite berths. Sandeep at least was travelling in a Shatabdi.