PJIf you told me PJ Joseph, Kerala’s Minister of PWD, molested a cow, behaved inappropriately with a coconut, bored you to death with his singing. I would believe you. No questions asked.

I know first hand how ‘mental’ this guy is about cows, organic farming and his own voice (it is so evident that someone made the mistake of telling him that he sings well!)

But behave inappropriately with a woman on a plane as it is about to take off. I really don’t think so.

Just three days after he was cleared in the Maithri housing project. ‘A woman’ (she doesn’t want to be named) has complained to Kingfisher airlines – the King of good times, that ” a VIP behaved inappropriately with her” just before the plane was about to take off.

She claims the incident occurred on the 3rd of August. Not a single person spoke about the alleged incident till today. Why? Do you think the situation has got so bad in Kerala that a minister can do or say something ‘inappropriate’ in public with a woman?

It’s sad that political parties are using women and sex to attack their opponents. The longer this trend last, the more damaging it is for legitimate complaints from women.

If ‘this woman’ is so sure. Why isn’t she lodging a complaint? File an FIR. Let’s investigate. Why are you using the media to tarnish the image of a cow loving grandfather?

Do you have something to hide?