SRKI’m not very fond of Shah Rukh Khan as an actor but I do respect his frankness. In an interview he gave to the IE on his latest film KANK, he had some very interesting things to say about India, Indians and Islam.

Here are some highlights,

You once told me you would be willing to give lectures on Islam. Do you still feel the need?

I’m not sure about the lecture bit, but I’m all for telling what Islam really means. If someone wants to know what Islam is, they just have to look at me. I’m Islam. I’m an educated, tax-paying citizen with a calm disposition. I am not a terrorist. If anyone wants to know about Muslims, they should look at such people and they’ll know.

Do you feel that when an incident like the Mumbai blasts happens, prominent Muslims have to come out and make statements to prove their nationalism?

I don’t have to prove anything. I never feel left out. I’m as Indian as I can be and I have never had to feel otherwise. Nobody forces me to make statements.