The TirangaIts that time of the year again. The flags are fluttering, the politicos are making speeches and the TV channels are awash with patriotic movies. Yup, its Independence Day – that special day once a year when Indians worldwide remember the sacrifices made by a few great men who fought for this freedom that we enjoy today. But it appears that not all Indians have that good a memory. Television news channel NDTV today conducted a pop-quiz for our exteemed Members of Parliament. I honestly beleive that they should be disowned for some of the answers they gave –

Q : Who wrote the National Song ?
The MPs:

  • Some Bandhopadhaya wasn’t it ?
  • Bankim Upadhyay ?
  • Dont Know.

Correct Answer : Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Q : What is Bapu’s full name ?
MPs :

  • Don’t know
  • Karam Gandhi
  • I know him as Mahathma ; thats all.
  • He should be remembered by his deeds ; not by his name.

Correct Answer : Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Q : (Most shameful of all) Which colour is the topmost in the Tiranga ?
MPs :

  • Green
  • Saffron
  • I’m getting late for parliament. I’ll answer you later.

Correct Answer : Saffron (Finally, someone got it right)

An MP who dosen’t know the full name of the Father Of The Nation ? NDTV might have dismissed it with a laugh, but this is a very serious matter. These are the kind of people that make Indians as a whole hang their heads in shame. Parliament needs to seriously consider sending these MPs back to kindergarten (or lower).