I was on away on vacation the last couple of days and decided to scan the headlines to see what’s happening in the world..

Two headlines that immediately caught my attention were

Al-Qaeda plans to strike India according to US and

Pakistan, the next new threat to American security

According to the first report,

The US embassy has warned India of terror attacks by foreign terrorists – possibly the al-Qaeda. They say terrorists could be planning strikes in major Indian cities in the coming days….
In an e-mail sent to US citizens living in India, the US embassy said that the attacks were believed to be planned for either before or on Independence Day – between August 11 and August 16….
US has warned its citizens in India to keep a low profile. All US companies’ offices in India will be shut on Independence Day for US authorties are not willing to take any chances

 According to the second report,

Richard Holbrooke, a former US ambassador to the United Nations, has listed Pakistan as one of the six countries that would pose a serious threat to American security..
Pakistan’s continued flirtation with the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda has been perceived by the US diplomat as sign of Pakistan’s newfound place in the imminent ‘problem’ area list.

So…I know I am not a top-notch politician and just a layperson


Wouldn’t it make more sense to ally yourself with a democratic country which is facing a similar threat from the same enemy than with a country that is a potential threat to your security?