Nooyi50 year old Indra K Nooyi, born in Chennai and mother of two has been named CEO of PepsiCo. This will make her the highest ranking Indian born woman in corporate America.

Indra is the only foriegn born woman officer in PepsiCo and is proud of her Indian origin.She has been known to go to PepsiCo formal events in a saree ,as she believes being oneself is appreciable thing and is one of her principles of success.

From the land of idli-sambar to land of dreams, Indra Nooyi has come a long way to prove herself.  

“Being a woman, being foreign-born, you’ve got to be smarter than anyone else,” Nooyi, 50, had said reacting to the recognition of her corporate exploits by Forbes, which also named her as the highest-ranking Indian-born woman in corporate America. And speaking of Indian influence, one of Nooyi’s projects has been the possibilty of taking Kur-Kure global.

Her appointment has come as a surprise to many at Wall Street and really great news for us Indians. It remains to be seen how she will deal with the pesticide scandal surrounding Pepsi drinks in India.