chaiThe thing I like most about Gurcharan Das is that what he writes makes sense to people like me – your average idiot on the street. His take on the Killer Colas issue is here.

Here are some highlights,

According to European norms (EU), tea contains 187,300 times the pesticide than water used in colas. If hypothetically our colas had exceeded allowable levels by 30 times, I could still drink 6,200 glasses of cola and I would have less pesticide in my body than a cup of tea.

Interesting isn’t it? Now when is the Kerala government going to ban tea?

They think that by banning colas they have won cheap votes. People, however, will soon realise that they have been taken for a ride. Already, the people of Kerala are questioning, how can you ban colas and allow the sale of liquor and cigarettes?

Eventually, everyone has lost in this silly business. Our nation has been unfairly smeared for high pesticide in our food chain. Our exports of food products will lose the trust of international customers.

VS, I dare you!