….I’m sorry Mr Pawar but that sounds to me like, “I was scared”. You preach about Maratha bravery on every stool offered to you to stand on, yet when the push came to shove, you went weak.For the first time, Sharad Pawar has admitted, on record, that he had “deliberately misled” people following the 1993 Mumbai blasts by saying there were 12 and not 11 explosions, adding the name of a Muslim-dominated locality to show that people from both communities had been affected.

Spilling the beans on what became an ill-concealed secret in later days, but had never been said openly, Pawar said he had to quickly find a way to stop Mumbai from going up in flames and this was the ploy he hoped would keep Hindus from retaliating.

The step was pre-meditated as only shortly before making the announcement about the 12th blast that never was, he had been informed of 11 coordinated blasts in the city in March 1993, all hitting Hindu majority areas.

“I went on TV and deliberately misled people. Instead of 11 explosions I told 12 and one of those areas was Masjid Bunder, dominated by minorities,” Pawar said.

And then at the Air India office, where the first explosion had occurred, Pawar came up with another “deliberate fudge” to prevent riots.

He had said then that from some of the material used in the blasts, it appeared that terrorist groups south of India were behind them—hinting at the LTTE.

What? You wanted to put the blame on people from the south of India? Wow! That makes a lot of sense……Not to mention, great leadership too Mr Pawar, make up one more blast and point fingers somewhere else!

Indian Express article here.