BabyImagine you are, as usual, sleeping through your Sunday sermon and you suddenly wake up just in time to hear the Parish priest say, “We will fight till the last Catholic standing against this!”

You wonder, what’s he talking about? The Bajrang Dal? RSS? VHP? Why would an Indian preist in Kerala use such words? The last time I heard something like that was…….. I don’t think I ever heard anything like that before.

So I ask my wife (who remembers every sermon she has ever heard – Syrian Christian wives are like that ;->):

“What’s he so pissed about?”


“Who’s baby?”

“M A Baby, the education minister”

“Oh, him. But why get so worked up about him?”

“Were you sleeping all this while?”

“Yes.” – [End of conversation, my wife gave me that, “of-the-10-million-Syro-malbar-catholic-men-my-parents-had-to-find-him!” look.]

MA Baby is the education minister of Kerala. His education? Dropped out of BA in his second year. Now he is bending his flexible backbone to please his brothers in Marx. What better way to prove your secular credentials than to go against your own community.

He has attacked the Church in Kerala for being money minded. He has vowed to bring them down and threatened priests using the SFI (will burn buses for a fee gang) to do it.

The Chruch has won legally in the District and High Courts. Now we are fighting in the Supreme Court. The verdict will be out on the 18th of this month. Personally, I’m not bothered, Arun Jateily is representing the Christian education management in the Supreme court. When was the last time he lost a case?

As an Indian Christian, I know and more importantly, smarter people in my community know our constitutional rights. If we build a college or school, we know how to run 50 per cent of it as we like it.

Baby, Marxists don’t have to teach the Christian Chruch about charity and education.