Kerala CMLast night while watching the news on Asianet, I wanted to hide die. VS and his politburo had decided to ban the manufacture and sale of all products of Coca Cola and Pespi in Kerala.

What else can you expect from a comi government that prides itself for destroying computers and farm equipment because it was ‘anti-employment’?

Is this Coca Cola and Pepsi the real issue here? The CSE tested 17 products, only two made it through (thanks Anony for the tip). Evian and Himalaya. Can the Politburo of morons please ban all the drinks on the list in Kerala?

Can they please test the water provided by the Kerala Water Authority (KWA)?

Our ground water is contaminated due to excessive use of pesticides. We need to encourage our farmers to move to organic and safer modes of farming. That’s the real solution, not banning the products of two multinational companies.

This is not about globalisation and the evil American imperialists, this is about our ground water.

Get it? G R O U N D W A T E R R R R R R R
What happens to all the people employed directly and indirectly by the two companies in Kerala? Are you going to feed their families?

Maybe they should go on strike and burn buses, that would help, now that you are in government, right? Teach them Iqulab Zindabad and a few flags and off you go…

Equally disturbing is how some Malayalees see this as something to be proud of, “high literacy, high life expectancy, religious harmony and look ….. we banned Pepsi and Coke first!”
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Full disclosure: Author’s family is well known in Kerala for their anti-comi activites for a number of decades and founded the Kerala Congress. The Kerala Congress is a party based on family values… er…. as in, the party stands for whatever the author’s family values…to be more precise…