my optic fibre rakhi with an advanced locking feature
            my optical fibre rakhi with an advanced lock

Rakhis travelled 600 kms, 800kms and 1500kms to reach me on time. Inside the envelopes were also the ingredients for a tikka. An epitome of a fast contracting world. Like all Indian festivals, Rakshabandhan offers a mouth watering proposition to businesses around the globe, be it the courier services like Fedex, card makers like Archies or thousands of firms involved in designing and producing new and attractive rakhis. In fact rakhis are also available for different age groups and different likings. Kids can get their hands on rakhis featuring superheroes, people supporting our railway minister can puprchase laloo rakhis 😉 and like all celebrations rakhi too can be tied virtually (wow). <>Other industries are also benefitting from our shift to the unconventional way of celebrations, for example, my sister asked me to send her a Cadburys celebrations for rakhi. So now A pack of chocoloates is going to travel 600 kms, 800kms and 1500kms to reach my sisters benefitting both the chocolate company and one of the local courier services. Sometimes I feel, if it were not for Indian festivals, would Archies, Hallmark, Cadburys really make a living. But the fact is they do , they make a killing! An average rakhi card costs Rs 35 and of course no one wants to stick to the average!. But its a wonderful fealing you know, to know that phirangi firms look forward to our festivals, like a factory-worker waits for his festival bonus!

Like I said before Indian festivals are an epitome for Globalisation but is it really something to be proud of, well I am a lil confused about it. Almost everybody aroud me is appearing for GRE, trying to get to States, but I feel for some of my cousins living in new jersy and places. last time I saw them was, I dont remember. They live away from their family, missing their home town, friends, sisters and brothers, but I strongly beleive most of them make us proud. So when my sister DTDCs them a rakhi and tikka in an envelope and they Fedex a pack of chocolates back to her, its actually love they are exchanging and theres absolutely nothing wrong about it, isnt it?