rajpbRaj Peter Bhakta (of The Apprentice fame) is standing for election in Pennsylvania’s 13th District.

Now you might be thinking, “So what’s the big deal? and more importantly WTF are you mentioning about him here? We are an Indian blog, arn’t we?”

We sure are and that’s exactly why I have decided to write about him.

If you visit his election website, and go to the contribute page, you will see my point.

Yes, this dude is asking for money because his opponent, who he thinks is “old and phony” voted against the India-US Nuclear deal.

The BAD news is that Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, a member of the House Indian Caucus, VOTED AGAINST this bill.This is just one more reason why it is so important to send Raj Bhakta to US Congress in November 2006.

Allyson Schwartz was one of 68 votes in the House against India-American relations. Please help Raj’s campaign by sending a donation of $68 to Raj’s campaign. If you want a Congressman in the House voting for stronger India-American relations please send $68 today to the Raj for Congress Campaign.

I’m not an expert politician but isn’t this just silly? He’s American, standing for election in America and asks for money from fellow Americans on the basis of how his opponent voted against an India-America nuclear deal?

Come on Raj, your voters arn’t even two percent of Indian origin. How can you ask money on this issue? Isn’t there anything else you can appeal to a ‘South Asian’ audience about? What will your Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin voters feel about this?

Best of luck for your election.