As a response to the mistreatment of Mr Kaul, India has expelled Political Counsellor in the Pakistan High Commission Syed Muhammad Rafique Ahmed. According to The Hindu

Pakistan’s Deputy High Commissioner Afrasayab was summoned to the External Affairs Ministry by Joint Secretary (Pakistan) Dilip Sinha and informed that Mr. Ahmed was expelled for “being involved in activities incompatible with his diplomatic status.”

During the meeting, Mr. Sinha “lodged a strong protest” against the “outrageous treatment” meted out to Mr. Kaul by Pakistan intelligence agencies and rejected Islamabad’s charge that the Indian diplomat was engaged in activities incompatible with his diplomatic status.

The expulsion came hours after Mr Kaul was stopped on road while he was visiting his family in Amritsar and interrogated intermittently for five hours. Response like this may set the resord straight that we care about international relations but we value our citizens and their safety more. Classic case of tit for tat.