I don’t know how many of you have seen Mohanlal’s Kalapani. Sadly (as with most good cinema), commercially it wasn’t a big sucess. I liked it and a dialogue that stuck with me was whenever Prabhu would say, “The Tamil blood in my viens….”, Mohanlal used to correct him and say, “Not Tamil, Indian…Indian blood!”

Royal Tower Construction Company of Bahrain housed 200 of its workers in a three storey building, 20 to a room that can hold four. A fire broke out on the 31st of July and 16 of them died. All the dead where from Tamil Nadu. Their bodies came back to India yesterday and the Tamil Nadu government gave the families of the dead $4,000.

Both houses of our Parliament were busy discussing who the ‘mole’ in the PMO was. Do our leaders value our lives? The lives of Indian citizens abroad?

The 16 Tamil brothers who died are Indians. The Government of India MUST make it clear to the Government of Bahrain that it can’t take the safety and working conditions of Indians working there lightly.

I’m certainly going to do my bit. You can join me if you wish. I’m going to call and e-mail the Indian Embassy in Manama, Bahrain everyday to see how we are following up to make sure the SOBs at Royal Tower Construction Company are found guilty and punished.

Here are the contact details:

Indian Ambassador: Balakrishna Shetty
First Secretary AK Bhatnagar

The numbers are: 00-973-17714551 (office) or 00-973-17729880 (residence).

email: indemb@batelco.com.bh