…but is it going to help???

The Indian government has decided to ban children from working as domestic servants or in roadside stalls from October.

The order, will apply to children under 14, officials say.

It also bans children from teashops, restaurants, hotels, motels, resorts, spas or other recreational centres.

There are estimated to be more than 12.6 million child workers in India, many of whom work as domestic helps or in small roadside restaurants.

India has already laws in place to protect children from working in hazardous places – but they definitely don’t help as lots of kids still work at Sivakasi and other fireworks factories.

It is good that the government is paying attention to the problem of child labor but are laws the solution? What makes the government think that the laws will work this time? Shouldn’t they try to enforce the laws that are already in place more strictly

I don’t think any parent would want their kid to have a hard life and work – but for many parents this is their source of income. Shouldn’t the government address the underlying issue?

I couldn’t find out how strict the penalties are

Mr Srivastava said that anyone found violating the ban would be penalised under the Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act of 1986. Punishment range from a fine to imprisonment

…but am sure they are not high enough for people to totally stop using this cheap source of labor.