The latest Frontline carries an article about the Indo-Armenian connection. A paragraph from the article reads:

In 149 B.C., Gissaneh and Demeter, two princes of Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, tried to plot against their father, Dinaks Pall. These names are from Armenian sources and thus only vaguely resemble Indian names, and the imagination has to be exercised somewhat to detect the linkage. According to Seth, Gissaneh could be Krishna and Demeter, Juganath. Dinaks Pall could be Dinesh Pal.

To me, the last line sounds a bit odd. I think shortening Dineshwara to Dinesh is a fairly recent phenomenon — I do not think they did that in 149 BC. Anyhow, take a look at the article for the nice photos, though, the text looks a bit unreliable (the inevitable Hindu phallic symbols line, for example).