begThat was the title of CNN IBN’s latest under cover operation. Very few things make me upset but see a doctor charge for cutting of limbs of poor people is just make you sick. Can you image this happens in our country?

Dr Agarwal put the fake beggar through a series of medical tests at his nursing home.

The surgeon pocketed Rs 4,000 as advance for the operation from the team while also giving advice on how the amputation could be made to look legal.

When CNN-IBN reached Dr Ajay Agarwal at the Noida Civil Hospital, the cameraperson was pushed and abused.

It was in fact Dr Ajay Agarwal who had referred Dr P K Bansal to the investigative team as part of amputation nexus.

Dr Ajay Agarwal is absconding and the police are trying to track him down.

Dr Agarwal, who is also the Secretary of the Orthopaedic Association of Bareilly is now absconding.

Watch the Video here.