YogitaThere are certain things you should try NOT do under the influence alcohol, here are a few,

  1. Say “I love you”
  2. Try to do “it”
  3. Drive up to the Prime Minister’s house and try to meet him

Imran and two of his lady friends, Yogita and Veena, tried option three on Thursday night.  They were booked on Friday by Delhi police for breaching the prime minister’s security cordon at his official residence. They have been granted bail. They were let out this afternoon on a surety of Rs 25,000 each ($500).

The Prime Minister’s Office had stated that there was no security breach as people can come up to the reception area of the complex and are turned away if they have no appointment.

The three — Yogita and Veena Chaudhary, both residents of Jaipur and stewardesses with Air Sahara, and Imran of Delhi — were arrested on Friday morning. Soon after the incident broke out, Air Sahara said it will sack the two girls.

While breath-analyser tests of the three done at Ram Manohar Lohia hospital has shown they were not drunk, the police sent their blood samples to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences for further analysis.

The three youths had ventured into the prime minister’s residence for the sake of fun.

Next time, you guys might want to stick to options one and two.