India on last Wednesday test-fired for a sixth time the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, which it has developed jointly with Russia, defence officials said. Brahmos

“The BrahMos missile was launched at 11.18 am (0548 GMT) from the Indian destroyer INS Rajput off the Bay of Bengal and it successfully hit a target at sea,” said the defence official.

The Indian Army will become the first force in the world to field supersonic cruise missiles by operationalising the Indo-Russian 290-km range BrahMos surface-to-surface missile by September 2007.

The BrahMos (named after the Brahmaputra river in India and the Moskva river in Russia) supersonic missile is the product of an Indo-Russian joint venture

Though Islamabad claims to have tested its own version of cruise missiles, defence experts say both China and Pakistan have access only to subsonic version of the missile.

This will definitely tilt the balance of power in the arms race between India and Pakistan in India’s favor !