Sabarimala Tantri MohanaruOf the numerous sacred places in God’s Own Country, Sabarimala is undoubtedly the most revered. The temple is open to males of all age groups and to women who have either passed their fertility age and those before reaching the stage of puberty, to quote from their website. This essentially means that women in the 10 to 50 age group are not allowed in the temple and there was a big hue and cry when a prominent actress claimed she not only entered the temple but managed to touch the deity too. Which is probably why the supreme priest (Tantri) of Sabarimala or the Tantri, Kandararu Mohanararu decided to sanctify a ‘special’ apartment in Kochi not less than 20 times.

Update: Now the Tantri’s version is being taken more seriously after reports that the ladies in question has used this ‘technique’ before a few times.

The now notorious apartment houses women who would never have made it to Sabarimala, not just because of the age bracket they belong to, but because of their profession, which is prostitution. The twist of the tale came when the Tantri approached the police and claimed that he was forcibly taken to an apartment, stripped and photos taken alongside another woman. Such injustice.

The police inquiry which followed soon has implicated the man himself, whom thousands of devotees entrust their faith and who has practised a variety of rituals and 3 years of abstinence before he took up this post, for making false claims (possibly due to a blackmail threat) after indulging with the prostitues. As Sabarimala is getting embroiled in one controversy after another, the authorities seems to be oblivious of the implications, as is evident from the newsfeed that is put up on their homepage. Right below the paragraph explaining the divinity of the place is a newsheading which says “Sex slur fells Sabarimala priest”.