Prince cam

Six year old Prince’s parents will be hoping to give him the most precious gift on his birthday today- his very own life. Almost 66 engineers aided by an expert team and two crane operators have been working tirelessly to rescue this child who fell on a 53-feet borewell and has been trapped there for the past 40-odd hours. The entire nation, including the Chief Minister of Haryana and the Prime Minister is waiting anxiously as the recue teams inches towards Prince’s rescue.

UPDATE : The Prince of Kurukshetra is safe

The wait is over. After 50 hours the Army pulled Prince out. People cheered loudly and applauded as a crane hoisted the boy, wrapped in a white sheet and cradled by a soldier, from the depths of the shaft.

On being pulled out, Prince was taken to a nearby gurdwara and then rushed to a hospital.

Earlier, heavy rains hampered rescue efforts even as thousands of onlookers kept vigil at the site, praying for the safe rescue of Prince.

Rescuers monitored Prince’s condition using a closed circuit TV system that also allowed him to talk to people on the surface. Food and water was also lowered to the boy.

Across the country, people of all faiths prayed for the boy, who was shown in the CCTV footage resting in the pit, eating chocolates and biscuits lowered to him in a bucket and occasionally crying in desperation.

Oxygen was supplied into the pit through a pipe and water was also lowered to the boy.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh praying, for the “speedy rescue and good health” of Prince, offered “full medical care” for the boy.

Haryana Chief Minister Bhoopinder Singh Hooda, who was present at the site, too announced a payment of Rs 2 lakh ($4,000) to the boy.