When the Mutiny first wrote about ‘Indian blogspot, no ban‘ not many took us seriously.

Early on the 17th of July, the Mutiny stated based on our sources in the Government,

  1. There is an operation underway, there is no ban, it’s just a crackdown on identifying and locating a few IPs.
  2. Everything will start returning to normal within 48 hours.
  3. This operation is related to terror.

We stand by all the above. In addition I would like to congratulate the agencies involved in creating the biggest smoke screen online ever to achieve their objectives.

For those of you who have been awake the past 48 hours claiming that there is a ban and comparing it to the emergency of 77 and the situation in China and North Korea. Please consider the following,

  1. Do you seriously think that the DoT and the CERTin would ask ISPs in the country to ban imagesearchyahoo.com, that’s not even a URL.
  2. Of the list of 17 ‘banned’ sites, four are dead, one is Chinese, six are American right wing, two (perhaps) wrongly spelled, three Hinduata sites and one some guy called Rahul Yadav who claims to represent the VHP there.
  3. Do you seriously think that the Government would give out a list to the media if they want to restrict it’s access and popularity. Most people only came to know about these sites today 🙂

We might never know what happened during the last 48 hours. What was really blocked, who was caught, what was prevented. (Perhaps, there is also an element to what Nishant pointed out.)

One thing is for sure, there was no ban. Just a brilliant smoke screen, written, directed, produced and enacted by the ever talented men and women of our security agencies. If you are reading this, thank you and well done!