SachinSachin Tendulkar will join the Indian team for its tour to Sri Lanka. He was sufferring from an elbow injury and has been declared fit to play.

The Star News Hindi Channel recently showcased a very ingenuous study on the failures of Sachin Tendulkar in recent times, ignoring his contributions during the tour of Pakistan and Sri Lanka and his overall contributions with the ball.It was a broadcast aimed at tapping viewers emotional about Sachins lack of performance.

Dear Star News: why would you do that? I understand you have a competition to beat and ratings to live upto but masalafying data like that may prove harmful.

The media played its part in the disgraceful exit of Saurav Ganguly, the most successful captain of India who at least had the balls to take decisions on the field, who could scream on the other team for wasting time and who was more than a coach’s pet and now the media is playing with the emotions of Mr and Mrs taxpayers who expect Sachin to be God everytime he comes onto the field. Well, the next time I want true lies and cosmopolitan excreta in the name of news, f*** you very much, Ill switch to Ptv.