In the latest twist to the Indian Blog Blackout controversy, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has written to the ISPs and Telcos asking them why exactly they banned entire domain names of blogging services (*, *,* ). Apparently, DoT had only directed the ISPs to block out specific sites and blogs. Here’s the original list –

List Of Banned Sites

You can download or view a scanned copy of the original circular sent out by the DoT from here.

So there you have it. Millions of Indian bloggers have been locked out of their sites just because the damned ISP were to lazy to block specific sites and just set up broad filters blocking out practically all major blogging services.

Here’s a list of offending ISPs –

  • TATA Indicom
  • Spectranet
  • Reliance Powersurfer
  • Airtel
  • Sify
  • BSNL DataOne
  • Exatt
  • Primus
  • In2cable
  • Iqara
  • Pacenet
  • Hathway
  • BSNL Dialup
  • Asianet
  • STPI
  • Reliance NetConnect
  • Reliance BroadNet
  • iNet

There may be more, but these are the real big ones. So as I said before, may they all rot in friggin HELL.

UPDATE : The friggin ISPs have corrected they error. In a communication with DoT, they called it a technical error. What ??? Technical Error ??? How do you make a technical error that mistakes 10 individual sites with three entire services ? Is that even possible ?

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