The decision of DoT to block access to 17 websites and weblogs. I can do no more than quote parts the editorial:

It is bad enough that this ham-handed and non-transparent order, whatever its intent, has created an international embarrassment for a country that prides itself on its strong democratic credentials and strengths in Information Technology; it has been made worse by the reluctance of anyone of significance in the Government to take full responsibility for the action. The action apparently followed a request from the Intelligence Bureau on security grounds. The order itself does not, as is the usual practice, invoke the authority of any law, nor is it clear why access was denied to the whole class of bloggers who are reported to be at least 40,000 strong and who identify themselves as Indian. Quite apart from the insensitivity to free speech concerns, the measure also indicates that those in authority may be unaware of the ineffectiveness of their action; the more technology-savvy bloggers have found ways of bypassing the filters to remain connected.

As usual, well spoken Hindu!